Focus Is Everything

Mar 10, 2020

Focus is everything.⁠⠀

What you focus on creates your world.⁠⠀

My mentor Gay Hendricks once told me, “There’s no difference between the 1% and the 99%.”⁠ If you can find just 1% of positivity in an otherwise tough situation and you focus intently on that, it becomes everything.⁠

Think of it like the lens of a camera: If something in your view is tiny and far away, you can zoom in on it until it’s all you see.⁠ You can completely change your reality simply by choosing what to focus on.⁠ If you’re not clear on what you’re focused on right now, look at your reality — it will reflect it back to you.⁠

Don’t like the reality you’re creating right now?⁠ The solution is as simple as shifting your focus.⁠

It’s the key to making major shifts in your life.⁠ Put laser focus on that 1% of positivity and it will become your 100%.⁠

Where are you putting your focus today?⁠⠀

It’s never too late to zoom in on something different!⁠⠀


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