Take Me to the Source

Mar 1, 2020

I was embarking on ayahuasca journey number 90 or so when the shaman serving that night said, “You can always ask the medicine to take you to the source.”⁠⠀

“Whaaatttt?!“ went screeching through my mind. “Why didn’t I know this early on?” So I asked the medicine to take me to the source… and I ended up journeying through shame.⁠ I went through many levels, going down further and exploring deeper each time — all the way down to my birth.⁠⠀

My parents were 18 years old when I was born into a highly conservative Christian family.⁠ I was birthed in shame, and knowing that liberated me greatly.⁠⠀

The freedom I felt was amazing, because I had asked over and over — “take me to the source.” It was one of the most transformative journeys to date and asking that question is a practice I still use today to get down to the root of things.⁠⁠⠀

This morning Brian of Movements Standard Dallas reminded me of all this when he told me the 5 questions shamans ask:⁠⠀

When did you stop dancing?⁠⠀

When did you stop singing?⁠⠀

⁠When did you stop enjoying being alone with yourself?⁠⠀

When did you stop being enchanted by stories?⁠⠀

When did you lose the magic and awe for life?⁠⠀

What’s so amazing about this is that once you find the root, you then can reprogram that original “bleep” in your operating system.⁠ That reprogramming will shift your reality from this point forward — your life will be forever changed.⁠⠀

Now this takes determination and a lot of courage.⁠Be courageous here and your life will shift in magical ways!⁠⠀

Are you ready to go to the source?⁠


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