Taking Inspired Action

May 21, 2019

People often ask me about manifesting. Years before Poo~Pourri was a thought in my mind, I was a part of the Science of Mind community. As a lifelong seeker, it was perfect for me at that time: Imagine just being able to focus on your thoughts and magically your world would shift. Having devoured self-help books for more than a decade and listened to countless motivational cassette tapes from Zig Ziglar, Norman Vincent Peale, Les Brown and many others, this was right up my alley.

As part of the Science of Mind community I was invited to a visioning session, which is where a person wants to manifest their heart’s desire. It was lovely: We all sat and held space and the thoughts were written on a board and transferred to the person. Many ideas and plans came out of our collaborative visioning session — so imagine the excitement about the possibilities of what they were going to do with all these new ideas!

A couple months later, the person asked for another visioning session; again we all sat and shared ideas from our meditations. It was when this person made a request for a third visioning session that I said, “Huh?” I asked if they had done anything with all the ideas from the last 2 sessions and they said no — they were waiting for more clarity. “Hmmm,” I thought.

I then understood that while visioning is important, INSPIRED ACTION is the key to breaking up stuck, stagnant energy. Any action will start the juices flowing again — really ANY inspired action at all will help! MOVEMENT is what’s needed for the universe to know you’re SERIOUS about your desire.

This person simply needed to act on one of the ideas that felt most alive and not wait for the perfect idea or for the universe to lay something in their lap. So when the idea for Poo~Pourri zinged through my being, I went towards it with everything I had. The rest is history!

What alive idea do you need to act on today?


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