What If Our Only Purpose Was to Expand?

Dec 1, 2019

What if your only purpose in this life was to expand?⁠

In my friend Harry Massey’s documentary “Choice Point,” motivational speaker Jack Canfield is asked about the universe’s purpose and he says, “The only thing I know the universe is doing for sure is that it is expanding. We know that from physics.” Canfield’s friend responds, “That’s right, and anything that supports expansion — the expansion of freedom, the expansion of consciousness, the expansion of abundance, the expansion of love — is going to get supported because it’s aligned with what the universe is doing.”⁠

Think about that for a second: If the only purpose of the universe is to expand, it makes sense that anything we do to expand ourselves will be supported because it’s in perfect alignment with the physics of the universe. If your one goal in life was to constantly be expanding, how would that change the way you live? Would it help you prioritize looking deep within and doing your inner work so that you could constantly be expanding into greater joy, love and abundance?⁠

My goal is to reach my highest evolution in this lifetime; I’m committed to expanding every day and I know the universe supports me — it supports us all.⁠

How are you expanding today?

[Photo credit: Daniel Johnson]


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