Hi! I’m Suzy

I am a self-taught entrepreneur, a.k.a. a master artist of ideas, potential and energy. I started my career in small town Arkansas, the land of humble beginnings and scrappy resilience.

For decades I worked my way up the ladder through trial and error—emphasis on error. Like many of us, I worked my butt off, driven by fear and an overall belief in my unworthiness. At 38, I was depressed and addicted to hope when I was knocked down by my 2nd bankruptcy. Standing in eye of the shit storm, I experienced what I now call ‘the surprising luxury of losing everything’.

I surrendered all of my beliefs and began a quest for meaning, purpose and answers—not hope. I discovered that there is a science to success that is so simple, and so effective, it will blow your mind. It’s everywhere in nature, and it’s called resonance. Following an alive idea that turned me on is the spark that thrust me to create and build a $400M+ company. I feel alive with the prospect of helping you channel your resonance.

Are you ready to dive into what turns you on?

Suzy Batiz with flowers

© Suzy Batiz