Goodness is Always There

Mar 30, 2020

Life is like a box of chocolates: You just gotta poke the bottom of each of them until you find the good ones.⁠

I used to do this as a child — always looking for the delicious caramels in the box.⁠ And it seems totally applicable to the current situation in the world.⁠ There’s goodness to be found if you just keep looking for it.⁠

Many of us are getting a rare opportunity to pause.⁠

We’re coming together in magical ways to help one another.⁠ We’re realizing how important certain relationships are to us.⁠ We’re finding new ways to communicate and stay in touch thanks to technology.⁠ We’re spending more time outside and being reminded of how precious nature is.⁠ We’re giving the earth a much-needed breather as everything shutting down means less pollution.⁠

If you’re having trouble finding the goodness right now… just keep poking.⁠

What deliciousness have you found in the midst of all this?⁠


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