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Caroline's Obsessions

Caroline Kraddick interviews Kidd's Kids Honorary Chair, and founder of PooPourri, Suzy Batiz! They…

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Going Scared with Jessica Honegger

Forged by a life marked with struggle, innovation, and bravery, Suzy challenges what it means to be…

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From bankrupt to billion-ish: how Suzy Batiz built Poo~Pourri #THEONEPERCENT

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Why Not Now - Amy Jo Martin

Suzy Batiz & Nicole Story Dent - When Innovation Feels Natural

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Eventual Millionaire

Poo~Pourri: From bankruptcy to a $500 million dollar company

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Launch Pod - Anna David

Suzy Batiz on Surviving Trauma to Build a $500 Million+ Company

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Rise Higher

Becoming Alive As Shit with Suzy Batiz

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Aligned and Unstoppable

Boldly Following Alive Ideas with Suzy Batiz

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Better Together with Maria Menounos

Hear Maria talk about her friendship with Suzy and ways that they inspire each other

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